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Akthelia Pharma is awarded a RANNÍS grant towards a POC of its innate immunity approach

RANNÍS, the Icelandic technology fund, has awarded Akthelia Pharma $330,000 to develop a proof of concept

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- June, 15, 2019 -- Akthelia Pharmaceuticals announced today that RANNÍS, the Icelandic technology fund, has awarded Akthelia a grant from their Vöxtur program. The total grant is ISK 46 million (US$330,000) over two years.

This grant increases greatly the scope of Akthelia’s development program. Akthelia’s main current goal is to show proof of concept in an established animal infection model.

Akthelia has developed and patented a class of small molecules that modulate the body’s innate immunity, leading to elimination of bacteria and clearing of infections. Instead of administering antibiotics, Akthelia’s approach acts like a switch that turns on our innate antimicrobial defences and strengthens epithelial cell walls and has been shown to work against multiple pathogens, including resistant ones. The compounds might constitute the first broad spectrum antibiotic that does not negatively impact the body’s internal bacterial flora.



Akthelia Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage biopharma company with a next-generation immunotherapeutic strategy to upregulate the innate immunology of epithelial surfaces. This novel approach has application potential to many areas of medicine and addresses the growing threat of antibiotic bacterial resistance (AMR) worldwide.

Akthelia’s lead therapeutic program upregulates the innate immunology in the GI tract, blocking leakage of microbiota to improve outcomes in cancer care through reducing the risk of neutropenia, a common and severe complication in chemotherapy and immunocompromised patients.



Akthelia Pharmaceuticals Grandagarði 16 101 Reykjavik Iceland


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