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Dr Steingrímur Stefánsson joins Akthelia Pharma in the role of Senior Scientist

Highly experienced research scientist to boost R&D capabilities

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- June, 15, 2019 -- Akthelia Pharmaceuticals announced today Dr Steingrímur Stefánsson joined the Company in the role of Senior Scientist. Dr Stefánsson has worked in senior roles for various biotech companies in the US, including extensive experience in protein purification, protein modifications, protein-protein interactions, proteinases, their inhibitors.

Dr Steingrímur Stefánsson joins Akthelia Pharma in the role of Senior Scientist
Dr Steingrímur Stefánsson, Senior Scientist

He also has a wide experience in cancer cell biology and assay development

He completed his Ph.D. Degree in molecular biochemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1990.


Akthelia Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage biopharma company with a next-generation immunotherapeutic strategy to upregulate the innate immunology of epithelial surfaces. This novel approach has application potential to many areas of medicine and addresses the growing threat of antibiotic bacterial resistance (AMR) worldwide.

Akthelia’s lead therapeutic program upregulates the innate immunology in the GI tract, blocking leakage of microbiota to improve outcomes in cancer care through reducing the risk of neutropenia, a common and severe complication in chemotherapy and immunocompromised patients.



Akthelia Pharmaceuticals Grandagarði 16 101 Reykjavik Iceland


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