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Loss of integrity and immune status drive the causal pathogenesis of many diseases

Akthelia is developing small molecule therapeutics that immunomodulate epithelial surfaces to counteract the pathogenesis of these diseases. 

Our exciting pre-clinical stage portfolio includes our lead program - an oral prophylactic treatment for chemically induced febrile neutropenia designed to prevent life threatening infections that occur in immunocompromised patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy. Our second program in wound healing is targeting a topical formulation for diabetic wounds.  

We have a number of other undisclosed programs in early-stage development for a range of other conditions. 

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Our clinical focus is on diseases where the immune integrity of epithelial barriers is compromised, either by disease or dysfunction.


Febrile neutropenia, is the most common and serious treatment-related complication of chemotherapy. It signals often fatal rapid-onset sepsis, due to two chemotherapy-induced factors: low neutrophil counts and infection caused by gut bacteria entering the blood through weakened intestinal walls.

Akthelia's pioneering therapeutic strategy focuses on enhancing the GI epithelium's immune response to prevents harmful microbiome leakage, reducing infection and sepsis risks.



Wound healing complications remain a profound challenge, often leading to prolonged recovery, infection risks, and significant discomfort. These issues stem from impaired regenerative processes and bacterial infiltration, exacerbated by weakened immune responses at wound sites. Diabetic wounds in particular present a unique challenge, characterized by slow healing and a higher risk of complications, largely due to the compromised immune function and reduced blood circulation inherent in diabetes sufferers.  

Akthelia is at the forefront of turning the tide. Our novel strategy involves fortifying the immune resilience of the skin's epithelial barriers. By enhancing the local immune system, our approach holds the potential to facilitate rapid and robust wound regeneration.


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) where pathogens evolve to resist antibiotic drugs, is designated by WHO as one of the top 10 health threats of our time and is linked to 5 million deaths every year.

As part of an ambitious European-funded project, Akthelia's approach is being applied to a spectrum of conditions including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and various bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, as well as respiratory challenges such as COPD and asthma.

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