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Akthelia Pharmaceuticals is selected to present at the Science4Peace Summit in Stockholm

The event hosted by SWEDISH AMERICAN LIFE SCIENCE SUMMIT (SALSS) organisers highlights the important role of science in promoting global peace

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- 12 Dec, 2022 -- Akthelia Pharmaceuticals, a biopharma company, with a first-in-class immunotherapeutic approach, was selected to present

CEO of Akthelia Pharma, Egill Másson gave a presentation, showcasing Akthelia Pharma's exciting epithelial science breakthroughs and commitment to addressing the global threat of antimicrobial resistance.

The Science4Peace Summit is a manifestation of the Swedish American Life Science Summit (SALSS) together with The Galien Foundation, which took place in Stockholm on the 12th of December during the Nobel festivities together with dignitaries in science, life science and healthcare to participate in a manifestation for peace and solidarity.

The themes of the summit were “The future of precision medicine” (Dr. Thomas Sakmar, Professor from the Rockefeller University) and “Precision Medicine (Dr. Mathias Uhlén, Professor in Human Microbiology at KTH,

About SALSS Science4Peace

The former big pharma executive and Wall Street analyst, Barbro Ehnbom, founded the Swedish-American Life Science Summit (SALSS) 20 years ago and the conference has since then become a beloved annual tradition. Last year’s edition was supposed to be the last but with the unprecedented war in Ukraine Barbro Ehnbom felt the urge to do something.

“The pandemic made us aware of how important health and medicine is for individuals and society, and that it also impacts geopolitics and industry. Now is the time to come together to show the level of knowledge we have reached and how to bring it into the future of healthcare,” says Ehnbom.

The 2022 SALSS SCIENCE4PEACE is a special edition of the classic SALSS format to explore the connection between Science and Peace with the long-term mission of welcoming our fellow Ukrainian colleagues into the European and American Life Science Community.



Akthelia Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage biopharma company with a next-generation immunotherapeutic strategy to upregulate the innate immunology of epithelial surfaces. This novel approach has application potential to many areas of medicine and addresses the growing threat of antibiotic bacterial resistance (AMR) worldwide.

Akthelia’s lead therapeutic program upregulates the innate immunology in the GI tract, blocking leakage of microbiota to improve outcomes in cancer care through reducing the risk of neutropenia, a common and severe complication in chemotherapy and immunocompromised patients.



Akthelia Pharmaceuticals Grandagarði 16 101 Reykjavik Iceland


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