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Akthelia Pharmaceuticals will be strongly represented at this scientific conference

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- January, 28, 2019 -- Akthelia Pharmaceuticals announced today that it will attend the 2019 Gordon Conference on Antimicrobial Peptides. The focus of this year's event is utilizing our knowledge of mechanisms of AMP action, and mining species diversity to advance application to global infection challenges, including the threat of antimicrobial resistance, and sharing experience of translating fundamental research to commercial development and clinical practice.

Akthelia will be represented at this conference by:

  • Birgitta Agerberth, co-founder, will give a Keynote talk entitled "From the Discovery of the Cathelicidin LL-37 to Host-Directed Therapy Fighting Infections"

  • Guðmundur Hrafn Guðmundsson, co-founder, is a discussion leader in a session on "Exploiting Mechanistic Knowledge to Utilize Immunomodulatory Activities"

  • Rubhana Raqib from the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, a long-time collaborator of Akthelia's founders has a presentation on "Induction of Antimicrobial Host Defense Peptides as a Therapeutic Strategy Against Tuberculosis"

  • Iwona T. Myszor from the Biomedical Center at the University of Iceland has a poster presentation showing how Akthelia's compounds enhance antimicrobial defense and maintain airway epithelial barrier integrity

To arrange meet us at the event, please contact us.



Akthelia Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage biopharma company with a next-generation immunotherapeutic strategy to upregulate the innate immunology of epithelial surfaces. This novel approach has application potential to many areas of medicine and addresses the growing threat of antibiotic bacterial resistance (AMR) worldwide.

Akthelia’s lead therapeutic program upregulates the innate immunology in the GI tract, blocking leakage of microbiota to improve outcomes in cancer care through reducing the risk of neutropenia, a common and severe complication in chemotherapy and immunocompromised patients.



Akthelia Pharmaceuticals Grandagarði 16 101 Reykjavik Iceland


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